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TFC Academy Using Video to Assist Players on Path to College

By Tormenta FC Staff -, 10/13/20, 10:30PM EDT


SVT Advantage, Hudl helping club and its players succeed

Tormenta FC Academy has consistently been able to place male and female players at colleges and universities across the nation, and despite the challenges that 2020 has posed, the club has stepped up its game to assist its players on their path to the next level.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has adjusted the recruiting and collegiate play calendar this year, it has become a confusing and challenging time to be a student-athlete. Traditionally, coaches would travel and watch recruits play during a league game or showcase event, but with precautions and protocols limiting on-campus and off-campus contact, TFC Academy has had to completely adjust its process to get players in front of collegiate coaches.

Tormenta FC has started using two video systems from SVT Advantage that allow its teams to film games in an elevated manner at the ideal angle for collegiate coaches to recruit players from behind their desk.

"The boys and girls at Tormenta FC Academy work extremely hard on a daily basis to become elite soccer players," Brad Nein, Director of Operations for TFC Academy, said. "We now have an elite video recording system in place that can allow our players increased visibility with collegiate soccer coaches. Placing TFC Academy graduates within challenging academic and athletic environments is our goal and will continue to be a regularity with this assistance of our technological advancements."

The club has and continues to take pride in working with its families to ensure they have the most up-to-date recruiting information while using the connections within the TFC organization to find the best fit for each graduating player from the Academy.

"For those looking to move on to the college game, having access to their game footage is essential," Kian Brownlee, USC Beaufort Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach and TFC Academy staff coach, said.

"95% of all college recruiting is done through video analysis, while the other 5% is actually watching live games. Youth clubs that can provide this service to their membership, especially in the U14 through U19 age groups are truly taking care in helping advance the player. This is an invaluable service Tormenta FC Academy is providing."

After recording games, Tormenta FC uploads the footage to Hudl, a company that provides video review and performance analysis tools for teams and players. Players can then use Hudl to send entire games or highlight reels to collegiate coaches and have the Tormenta FC Academy staff coaches further educate players through zoom video sessions.

In addition, the Tormenta FC digital team has started showcasing the best plays from the Boys and Girls teams on social media, providing even more exposure and awareness to the club and its many young talents.

"With the uncertainty that is surrounding collegiate soccer at the moment, it is imperative that our players have video they can send to collegiate coaches,"  Jordan Melia, TFC Academy Boys U16-U19 Director, said. "Tormenta FC has taken great strides this year in filming our games and providing a Hudl subscription for the players in the Academy. As a club, we are able to send out full games of our teams which enables coaches to not only see our players individual technical ability, but also their game management and how well they fit into a team."

This process will allow all of the Academy's players to have increased exposure to college coaches, which will enable them to find the right fit at the next level.

"We look forward to ensuring this process stays in place even after recruiting returns to a more normal rhythm, as we have found our players, families and coaches further connect over game footage," Nein said.

"Putting our players on video in front of collegiate coaches is a priority we will continue to promote. In this time of so much uncertainty, assisting our student-athletes with their recruitment process is a main objective for our directors."