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TFC Academy Players Gaining Leadership Experience

By Tormenta FC Staff -, 10/19/20, 10:15AM EDT


Academy players have been active through refereeing, coaching opportunities

Photo courtesy of Aaron Cranford // Tormenta FC Academy players helped train and lead players in the 2020 Fall TOPSoccer Program

Developing the next generation of athletes and leaders is an important responsibility for any club, and at South Georgia Tormenta FC, the Academy has taken great pride in creating dynamic opportunities for its players.

This year, Tormenta FC Academy has offered leadership growth for its select players (ages 12 – 19) through refereeing and coaching opportunities. Summer camps, TOPSoccer programming, Tormenta Futures programming and refereeing recreation games all have presented opportunities to enhance the leadership skills of the select players.

"Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal," Brad Nein, Director of Soccer Operations for Tormenta FC Academy, said. "Placing our members in situations that call for their leadership will allow for opportunities for future successes. On the field and in other transformational opportunities we offer within the club, we look for our players to be positive role models, make competent decisions, and communicate effectively."

Tormenta FC Academy believes enhancing these three attributes will lead to more youth members becoming positive members of society and confident leaders on and off the field.

The youth players who have worked within these programs have been passionate to give back to the programs that assisted them throughout their development. While in this role, the players have improved their decision-making abilities, taught basic soccer and movement skills, explained the rules of the game to the next generation and been positive role models for the Tormenta FC Academy organization.

"We know the boys and girls that participate at Tormenta FC Academy now will become the future leaders of America," Nein said. "Our ability to provide each player with experiences and tools to develop leadership skills will allow TFC Academy participants to have increased success throughout their lifetime."

Photo courtesy of South Georgia Tormenta FC // Brad Nein (top left) and Recreation Director Ruthie Riley (top right) stand with select academy players

Photo courtesy of South Georgia Tormenta FC // Tormenta FC Academy select players stand together after assisting younger players in a recreation session