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Tormenta FC Partners with Herb Shop & Organic Foods

By Tormenta FC Staff -, 01/11/21, 11:00AM EST


Statesboro business joins numerous local organizations to partner with pro club

STATESBORO, Ga. – South Georgia Tormenta FC has announced a new partnership with Statesboro business Herb Shop & Organic Foods, a health food store serving that provides vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to support a healthy lifestyle, ahead of the 2021 season.

The one-year deal brings in new opportunities for Tormenta FC to showcase its brand and drive new fans to our games and Herb Shop & Organic Foods. This partnership is based on the combined goals to create an opportunity to keep Herb Shop & Organic Foods and Tormenta FC on people's minds.

"What being a Tormenta partner means to us can be summed up in these two words: community and family," Malcolm and Victoria Taylor, Owners of Herb Shop & Organic Foods, said. "Tormenta brings our community together in a fun way. It's inspiring how the Tormenta family supports, encourages and celebrates success together. Vamos Tormenta!"

Herb Shop & Organic Foods has been serving Statesboro and surrounding areas since 2001, providing quality nutritional products that are backed by the leading supplement companies in the world. Their grocery selection has something for everyone, from vegans to anti-biotic and hormone-free meats.

"Herb Shop & Organic Foods has proved to be an amazing partner for our players and their nutritional needs," Todd Bergstrom, Tormenta FC Director of Sales, said. "We thought that working with them would be the perfect opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle for all those in Tormenta Nation.

Tormenta FC continues to build long-lasting relationships with numerous local and national businesses. Ahead of the 2021 campaign, the club plans to announce additional new partnerships with organizations across the region. For more information on or questions about Tormenta FC's corporate partnerships, contact Todd Bergstrom at