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Tormenta FC Announces Rebrand of its USL League Two Team

By Bernadette O'Donnell, 01/23/19, 10:00AM EST


More than a Second Team:
Tormenta FC Announces Rebrand of its USL League Two Team

South Georgia Tormenta FC crosses another major milestone as it announces the name and crest for its USL League Two team, which will be known simply as Tormenta FC 2. While competing for a League Two Championship each summer, this team will develop players with the expectation that they can ultimately move up to Tormenta’s new professional USL League One team. As was announced in September 2018, Ian Cameron will be the Head Coach for Tormenta FC 2, and John Miglarese will serve as the Head Coach for League One as well as the Vice President for Player Development for the entire organization.

The rebrand signifies the club’s continued focus on player development. Tormenta’s first team has played three years in USL League Two (formerly the USL’s Premier Development League or PDL) but moves up to USL League One this year. Continuing to play in League Two is critical for the franchise, as it creates a clear pathway to the professional level.

“Tormenta FC 2 is the fundamental link in our club’s vertical expansion, connecting our youth academy teams and collegiate League Two players to our first team at the USL League One level,” Tormenta FC President Darin Van Tassell said. “Tormenta FC 2 allows us to evaluate and challenge our academy and top pre-professional players for a chance to move up to our professional side in League One.”

Like the club’s primary crest, the Tormenta FC 2 logo was brought to life by Brandiose, a company headquartered in San Diego. It also features the iconic ibis looming over stormy waters, showing direct ties to the club’s founding story of the Ibis. In the animal kingdom, the Ibis is the last to seek shelter from an approaching storm, and the first to reappear when the storm subsides. Such bravery and resilience sit at the core of the what Tormenta FC seeks to embody and represent to its fans and the larger soccer community.

The Tormenta FC 2 logo is distinguished by the words “Tormenta” and “2” boldly written across the top and bottom of the crest. These words show Tormenta FC 2 is not just a second team, but a vital part of the club and its mission of player development.

"With our success in USL League Two the past three seasons, it makes sense for us to continue to carry a team at this level,” USL League One head coach John Miglarese said. “We have a proven pathway to develop future pros as almost twenty of our former League Two players have gone on to sign contracts in the past three seasons.”

“Our League One coaching staff will work closely with League Two players as we intend to select players from that roster for future League One teams,” Miglarese said. “Tormenta FC 2 players will be on the same training ground with us each day, playing in the same stadium, and learning what it means to be a Tormenta FC player. The USL League Two team will absolutely be our primary way of identifying future signings."

Like the first team, Tormenta FC 2 will also play its home matches also Georgia Southern University’s Erk Russell Park, where the regular season begins in May 2019 and runs until July.

Once the new Tormenta FC stadium is complete for the 2020 season, both League One and League Two teams will compete in the stadium to be located at the intersection of Old Register Road and the newly built Tormenta Way, both adjacent to The Clubhouse in Statesboro, GA.

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