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The Price is Right: Tormenta FC Announces $1 Student Tickets

By Bernadette O'Donnell, 02/01/19, 2:15PM EST


The Price is Right: Tormenta FC Announces $1 Student Tickets

Tormenta supports the community. Tormenta supports families. And today Tormenta FC is showing that support by taking a revolutionary step in the pro sports world by making it easier for families and fans in school to attend Tormenta FC home matches.

Tormenta FC has announced its commitment to $1 tickets for all home matches for students of all ages, from preschoolers to graduate students to retirees who have gone back to school as well. This pledge will continue even when the franchise moves into its new 5,300 seat stadium in 2020.

Tormenta fondly calls its community Tormenta Nation, a nation bonded by a love for soccer and all things Tormenta. Since its founding, Tormenta FC has vowed to give back to Tormenta Nation, and this commitment for $1 student tickets is one more way the franchise will do so. The South Georgia community has helped Tormenta FC flourish throughout the years, and the club acknowledges all that Tormenta Nation has done for them with this pledge.

“Growing up, I fell in love with soccer before I could walk,” VP of Soccer Operations Mike Panter said. “This exciting sport made a major impact on me, and it wasn’t long before I was hooked.”

“With our $1 pledge for students, we want to make lifelong fans,” Panter said. “With our team’s youthful lineup and the Tormenta game day experience, we believe fully that younger fans will fall in love with both soccer and Tormenta FC.”

With over 10 college campuses in Statesboro and its surrounding areas, college students are a big reason behind the Tormenta FC ownership decision to commit to $1 student tickets. The club hopes a large student fan base will create a passionate and lively atmosphere for its home games, creating memories for all.

“Young people are the future,” Tormenta FC Owner Darin Van Tassell said. “Soccer in the United States is growing rapidly, and young fans are essential to the rising popularity of this sport.”

“This pledge is a wonderful opportunity for both families and students,” Van Tassell said. “We want to make it easier and more affordable for families to bond over new experiences and create memories together.”

The $1 student ticket offer applies to all USL League One and League Two home matches. Tormenta FC’s League One team plays at Erk Russell Park and kicks off its regular season on March 29 with its historic home opener, and the season runs until October 2019. Tormenta FC 2 also plays home matches at Erk Russell Park, with its season running from May to July 2019.

To redeem their $1 game ticket, students must buy their ticket on game day at the ticket booth, located at the entrance of the stadium. High school-aged students and older should present their student ID when purchasing their ticket. Students under 14 need not show a student ID to claim the offer.