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Recreation Soccer

Recreation Soccer

Tormenta FC Academy is looking forward to creating a fantastic experience for your family this spring in our recreation soccer program. We have created a youth soccer club that will restore and strengthen trust among players, parents, coaches, families, and communities to create an environment and culture in which all soccer playing participants can thrive. Reimagining the modern youth soccer club as a place for developing our children into young adults of character has inspired us to create a safe and inviting place for all children to play.   

The first 250 players that register will participate in our recreation program for free. This is an amazing opportunity put forth by a generous donation form the Ibis Foundation. Families that register after all of the free spots have been taken will pay $100 per participant.

Each team will receive seven games as well as one practice per week. We will feature a program that happens at the following locations:

  • Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex - Monday or Wednesday
  • Southbridge - Monday
  • Abolt O'Brien Field (Wilmington Island) - Tuesday
  • The Landings - Tuesday or Thursday
  • USCB - Bluffton - Thursday

Practice days at Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex and The Landings will be assigned in correspondence with the needs of the individual teams and families.

Each player will receive a Tormenta FC Academy jersey specific to assigned team and socks to wear to training and game days. The player will be responsible for purchasing black soccer shorts to wear for all training and games.

Programming will be designed for boys and girls at the following age groups:

  • 4U Program -
    • Players born in 2018 - 3 versus 3 (suggested 6 on team)
  • 6U Program
    • Players born in 2016 & 2017 - 3 versus 3 (suggested 6 on team)
  • 8U Program
    • Players born in 2014 & 2015 - 5 versus 5 (suggested 8 on team)
  • 10U Program
    • Players born in 2012 & 2013 - 5 versus 5 (suggested 8 on team)
  • 12U Program
    • Players born 2010 & 2011 - 5 versus 5 (suggested 8 on team)
  • 14U Program
    • Players born 2007, 2008 & 2009 - 5 versus 5 (suggested 8 on team)

Fall 2021 Meaningful Dates

  • Registration Deadline - Sunday, August 29
    • Register by August 15th to get priority practice times and team placements
  • First Week of Practice Begins - Monday, August 30
  • First Saturday of Games - Saturday, September 11
  • Final Saturday of Games - Saturday, November 6

Within our recreation program, volunteers will be the in-game coaches. We differentiate ourselves by having professionally licensed coaches and parent volunteers working with the players during the week. On game day, if we have smaller numbers for teams, we will make the field smaller and play with fewer numbers allowing for more involvement for all players. We will always have opportunities for all interested in playing.

Games will be played on smaller fields so that each player will receive maximum involvement on the ball. Increased involvement leads to more fun and more skill development which is what we love to see happening with our players!!!

At the registration page, please let us know who you would like on your child's team. If you are unsure of other friends to be in the group, we will assign the team. Bring a full team or register as an individual, we have room for all participants at Tormenta FC Academy.


Please contact Brad Nein with all questions and team requests at or 912-257-3989.