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Open Trials

Trouble Registering?
Email Logan Crosby at


Opportunities on December 14th & January 18th

Trial includes:
10-11:30 am session

2-3:30 pm session (Invite Only)

$50 per participant (Day-of Walkups are $75)


2704 Old Register Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458


Tormenta FC is excited to host open trials for aspiring soccer players from around the world. Players will have a chance to try out for the club’s USL League One and League Two teams. The trials include two sessions with the second session being invite only to those who have been selected to return. The open trials will take place at Tormenta’s training facility in Statesboro, Georgia.


Players have two opportunities to try out for Tormenta FC:
December 14
January 18

Trial Schedule:
Registration / Check In at 9:00-9:30AM.
First Session: Kicks off at 10AM (ends at 11:30AM) Please arrive with enough time to check in and warm up before our session starts.
Second Session (Invite Only): Kicks off at 2PM (ends at 3:30PM)


The open trials will take place at Tormenta’s training facility in Statesboro, Georgia.

Address: The Clubhouse Soccer Fields - 2704 Old Register Rd, Statesboro, GA, 30458


Please make sure you have completed this waiver before you arrive for the trial.

Also, please notify us of the last club or team that you played for and also your hometown.

Trial Questions? Email Head Coach John Miglarese at

Trouble Registering? Email Logan Crosby at

What is Tormenta FC?

To begin with, “tormenta” is the Spanish word for storm.  In the club’s crest, there is an ibis with cloudy skies and waves underneath.  Where the story gets interesting is the meaning of the ibis. On the surface, the ibis bird is not one that strikes fear.  But when you do a little research, you’ll come to find out that this bird is as fierce as they come. The ibis is the last bird to flee when a storm is about to hit.  Once the storm has passed, it is the first bird to return back to the area it fled.

Not only is our background story unique, but it embodies what our organization is all about. At our club, we have hard-working people from top to bottom. This includes our owners, front office staff, players, and even fan base. We do not shy away from challenges. We actually invite them. Leadership and paving the way, the Tormenta way, is our identity. We’re committed to showing the rest of the country that our way of building a club is the best way.

South Georgia Tormenta FC is a professional soccer franchise in Statesboro, Georgia that was founded in 2015. The club established itself as one of the premier USL League Two teams (formerly known as PDL) across the United States before joining USL League One as the founding member of the league. The club is constructing a new state-of-the-art 5,000-seat soccer-specific stadium in Statesboro. Planned to be built next to The Clubhouse on Old Register Road, the new venue will provide an exciting and authentic professional soccer experience for fans and players alike.