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Letter from the Director

Youth sport matters.

And it often comes with an extensive set of challenging questions for parents. However, far too many soccer participants and their families involved in the current youth soccer model have lost trust in organized youth soccer programming and the developmental process. For the elite youth soccer player, the significant setback in 2018 of the U.S. Men’s National Team failing to qualify for the World Cup calls into question that very training process. And for the family eager to have their daughter or son enjoy the fitness and social benefits of sport, far too many programs treat this important development stage as an unfortunate after-thought.

At Tormenta FC, we decided to create a youth soccer club that would restore and strengthen trust among players, parents, coaches, families, and communities to create an environment and culture in which all soccer playing participants could thrive. Reimagining the modern youth soccer club as a place for developing our children into young adults of character has inspired us to create a safe and inviting place for all children to play -- regardless of current athletic potential or mindset.

As the only youth soccer club featuring a direct path to a professional team in South Georgia and the Lowcountry, we will feature various playing levels and programs specifically designed to improve players season to season and year to year based on individual player commitment and dedication levels. Whether the intent of a player is to have fun and play more soccer, make their middle or high school team, participate in the leading youth soccer leagues and tournaments in the country, play collegiate soccer, compete at the professional level, or even to make the United States national team -- we have a program and a path to help achieve those dreams.

Our vision for success is to create an environment and culture in which all members thrive. Tormenta FC participants develop a love for the game that will take them into adulthood, experience soccer at the highest level possible given their athletic potential, and learn important and valuable life skills and lessons that sport is uniquely positioned to teach. Continuing in Fall 2020, our recreation and elite programming will become a valued service in South Georgia and the Lowcountry of South Carolina.


Brad Nein
Tormenta FC Academy Vice President